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'If you change nothing, nothing will change':The Indian crypto community needs YOU! Do your bit by supporting this email petition campaign, and sharing this everywhere.
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I've emailed my Member of Parliament urging them to support crypto. Please do your bit! #IndiaWantsCrypto
Once upon a time, Internet, ride-sharing apps, payment wallets were as new as crypto is today. It's innovation that must be supported and nurtured, and not banned. #IndiaWantsCrypto
Positive cryptocurrency regulation means more innovation, more jobs, and more taxes for the government. Cryptocurrency will contribute to our $5 Trillion economy vision. #IndiaWantsCrypto
Cryptocurrency is an up-and-coming industry employing thousands of people. It deserves to be regulated and not banned! #IndiaWantsCrypto
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What is #IndiaWantsCrypto Campaign?

A new bill is being introduced in the Lok Sabha that contemplates a ban on cryptocurrencies in India. While the scope of the ban is unclear, it is going to adversely impact our nascent crypto community.

In a short while, we have grown into a community of over 10 Million HODLers, 300+ startups generating tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and taxes.

Before any ban is passed in haste, it is critical that the most important voice is heard - and that is YOURS. Please write to your local Member of Parliament and let them know that #IndiaWantsCrypto. We are confident that our elected leaders will do the right thing for India’s youth and future.

Crypto is creating a democratic financial internet where everyone is an equal participant, and can access financial products that were previously available only to the elite. Over 8 Million Indians are already saving, earning and investing in this thriving global crypto economy. Banning it would be like banning the Internet in the 1990s and will set India back by years.

As innovators, we remain committed to prudent regulation that protects investors and assists law enforcement in prohibiting any illicit use of the crypto infrastructure.

Together, let’s make our HODL heard!